Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ryan is 4 months

I guess when you have 3 kids time really does fly by! Ryan is now 4 months as of September 14th and getting closer to 5 since I am so behind! At his check up he weighed 21 lbs and was 28 inches long. He is pretty much in 9-12 month clothes depending on the brand. I am so thankful for our friends who have let us borrow clothes! He is going through them so quickly it is hard to catch up! He is such a happy boy and smiles all the time. He did such a great job with his shots and didn't really cry at all. Ryan loves his sisters and smiles when Olivia sings to him and is silly. He can now roll over from his back to tummy and does it very quickly. We put him up stairs to sleep in his big boy bed last night and he did great. Ryan is so easy going and laid back. We feel so lucky to have be blessed with such a sweet, happy baby boy! My dad and Chris and so excited about taking him to the deer lease but they do not realize that I am not going to let that happen for a while. I remember what went on down there and what happened to Tommy.

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